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Finding instant term life insurance quotes online is made easy here at LIQUOTE. Our goal is to give you as much information right up front so you know without a doubt you’re buying the best policy at the best price.

Because LIQUOTE is independent, it operates not under a life insurance company, but it works solely for you to find the right company to place your business with. Our software pulls data from over 50 different companies and immediately displays the quotes from cheapest to most expensive.

Here are the most popular products we can generate instant life insurance quotes for:

  • Annually Renewable (1-Year) Term
  • 5-Year Term
  • 1o-Year Term
  • 15-Year Term
  • 20-Year Term
  • 30-Year Term
  • Return of Premium Term

While this is nowhere near the entire inventory of product lines we have available, they are the most searched and purchased among our clients.

When you are searching for life insurance, we know you want to pay the least and that’s fine by us! We know if we can find you the cheapest premiums, you’ll choose us. When you put in your information for instant term life insurance quotes, we not only search every carrier we can, but we make sure we sort them by the least expensive for you.

TIP: As you sift through your quotes, notice you can flip back and forth between monthly and annual; this may change the top product or carrier. Quarterly is the most expensive way to go!

Every instant life quote comes with the life insurance company ratings clearly visible for you as well. Just to save you the headache, we don’t offer any insurance institutions under an A.M. Best rating of “A-” or higher. We are willing to help you find the cheapest life insurance policy on the market, but we won’t sacrifice strength or security.

To help you even further, the instant term life quotes even show you company reviews on a 5-star basis. While this is not a definitive way for you to make a decision, it could help you if you’re on the fence between company A and company B and their price is nearly the same.

Finally, our software even allows you to begin your application process right on the internet without ever talking to an agent if you don’t want to.  In today’s world, we know it’s difficult to find the time to get things done, and we tend to make a lot of purchases after hours. LIQUOTE is open 24 hours to assist you with our online tools.

How long does it REALLY take to get a quote?

When we say instant term life insurance quotes, we mean it! The only questions we ask are exactly what you see on the custom quote tool. Those include:

  • State
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Tobacco Use
  • Health Class
  • Duration of Coverage
  • Amount of Coverage

… and we’ve made them all drop down boxes so you can literally click and go!

When you hit “Compare Now” button, you get your quotes immediately. We don’t sell or trade your information with any other agency or marketers, we don’t even let the insurance companies see it. It’s just for our use to generate you your quotes.

It should never take you more than 60 seconds to see a quote as long as you entered in accurate information!

I entered my information but nothing came up. What gives?

There’s a good chance you either had a typo or chose a product type which can’t be issued at your age.

For example, if someone was looking for insurance for their parents who are in their 70’s, and they wanted a 20-year term, the software won’t give you any results because the product is not offered for someone of that age. Instead, you would need to modify your search to Universal Life Insurance or Term to 90 in order to get an accurate quote. It effectively gives you what you need, but under a different product umbrella.

Also, check to make sure your date of birth  is correct. This is the most common error we see. But if you’re still having issues, simply contact us and we’ll get you exactly what you’re looking for or explain why a product is currently unavailable.

If you’re looking for truly instant term quotes, you’re in the right place. Get started now.

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