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There is a major difference in getting life insurance quotes… and getting instant life insurance quotes.

What is NOT an instant life insurance quote?

  • Waiting for a call center to give you your quotes.
  • Waiting for an email to receive your quotes.
  • Entering in substantial amounts of information to get quotes.
  • Having to depend on a person to give you quotes.
  • Quotes from advertising.
  • Quotes from television.
  • Generic age group quotes.

None of these actually give you raw and instant life insurance quotes which pertain to exactly what you want.

What ARE truly instant life insurance quotes?

Instant life insurance quotes are ones you can get right here, right now in the very browser you’re reading this sentence. It means you have all the control, just like being an agent, and can view all the companies, all the ratings, and all the prices on demand.

This is what we bring you!

For example, here is a snapshot of exactly what you’ll see when you enter in just basic information to get instant life insurance quotes from LIQUOTE:

Instant Life Insurance Quotes
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You can see the list of companies available on the left, the premiums you can expect to pay based on the health class you chose in the middle (subject to underwriting), each company’s ratings, their reviews and whether or not they accept an online application.

This is the exact same information an agent sees when he or she runs life insurance quotes for you!

Tell me more about comparing instant life insurance quotes…

Every agent and every insurance agency has all the exact same access to instant term life insurance quotes as the next guy. There is no need to go to tens of sites trying to get quotes. They will all be the same! Each insurance company reports their current premiums on a regular basis, and the software we employ updates it for you!

The policies are always listed from the lowest in price to the most expensive, as we try to make certain you pay the least every single time. If you see a handful of companies at the top you’re unfamiliar with or you prefer a certain company over the others, you can keep scrolling and choose whichever you are most comfortable with. It’s 100% up to you.

What is the minimum required information for instant life insurance quotes?

All you need for instant life insurance quotes is to provide your:

  • State
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Tobacco Use (yes/no)
  • Coverage Amount
  • Coverage Duration

If you find yourself on a website asking for significantly more information, like address, medications, health questionnaires or other long form queries, there’s a great chance you won’t see a quote immediately. It’s also highly likely your information will be sold to brokers, agents and agencies across the country. Even if it’s not sold, and it’s one particular agency asking those questions, you still can expect a phone call for the quote, and not an immediate insurance quote.

What do I do if I find something I want to purchase?

If you’re satisfied with the instant life insurance quotes you found after entering your information and scanning through your options, you’ll see on the right hand side a button which says “Request Application.” By clicking on this, you can begin your application immediately. The online application will ask you for basic contact information and verify the policy you chose.

An agent from LIQUOTE will be contacting you to verify the application is what you intended, and to begin processing and schedule your exam (unless you choose a no exam life insurance policy option).

What information will you need from me to process my application?

When you apply, you will need to supply both a driver’s license and social security number, as well as be prepared to name at least one primary beneficiary to be listed on your policy. You cannot proceed without this information. Your driver’s license is required to access your motor vehicle report, and your social security number is mandatory from all carriers.

Can I still do this if my health is less than perfect?

You can still get instant life insurance quotes if you have a few dings on your health record, but they may no longer be accurate. Instant term insurance quotes are primarily for those who are in excellent to average health. You can still get your instant quotes, but understand you will need to talk to one of the agents at LIQUOTE to get more accurate rating and price.

Do you offer permanent life insurance quotes instantly?

We offer everything from term life to permanent. We have universal life insurance readily available through our instant life insurance quoting platform all the way up to age 121. This coverage has a level death benefit and level premium for as long as you maintain premiums.

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