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LIQUOTE is the #1 provider for instant life insurance quotes and no exam life insurance on the web. We were founded strictly to produce the fastest life insurance quotes available on the internet, while remaining independent and unbiased. To secure the best life insurance rates in the life insurance marketplace, we compare quotes from over 50 different companies.

Our agents pride themselves in experience, knowledge, and customer service. At LIQUOTE, each agent is equipped to handle your life insurance requests and will walk you through our process seamlessly. Buy life insurance and get covered in as little as a few minutes and be confident in your purchase.

Our Value To You

LIQUOTE provides you with instant life insurance quotes. This means you get them right now. There is no waiting game. There is no call center. There are no auto-dialing machines to interrupt your dinner.

Our software is unique because you get your free life insurance quote right here in your browser. You can scan through all the policy types and all the life insurance carriers. The policy you buy and the company you choose are strictly your choice. Our only goal is to make sure you get covered at the most affordable rate with the best life insurance policy.

Our Unique Process

We make the buying process at LIQUOTE fast and simple. Not only can you find instant life insurance quotes, but you can apply directly online or over the phone in an instant also. We will set up your free exam, if required, and we do as much as we can electronically to make sure you get the coverage you need as fast as humanly possible. We get you covered fast, but we do it right. If you are need instant life insurance coverage, find the perfect policy today.



Why Our Process Works

We, at LIQUOTE, have made it a priority to get you the best possible rates every single time. In order to make this possible, we put you in the best buying position possible: we force the life insurance companies to compete for your business!

Not only do we offer over 50+ companies, but each company’s instant life insurance quote is basically a bid for your trust. You have the option to purchase the cheapest life insurance which poplulates, or you can choose a company you’ve done business with before. The choice is yours!

Our sole focus is to make sure, whatever your priority, you get the best price from a top company with as little hassle as possible. We give you the choice to get life insurance with or without an exam, and we offer all types of life insurance from term to permanent and everything in between. If we can’t find you exactly what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to find it at all!

Click through our quote form to view all your options, compare the rates, companies and policy types, and apply immediately on line or over the phone. It really is as simple as Click, Compare, Apply!

Who We Trust

Let’s face it, not all carriers are the same. At LIQUOTE, we only want the best of the best. We provide you access to most companies who have the ability to supply you instant life insurance quotes for convenience, but also peace of mind to know your family will be secure when you need it most. If an insurance company falls outside of certain parameters based on the nation’s finest ratings agencies, we will discontinue their coverage until they have gained their requirements back.

Here are some of our most trusted providers to date:



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